Corporatism’s History

Lisbon during Estado Novo. Credit: Wikipedia.

A prime example of corporatism is found in Dr. Antonio Salazar’s “‘corporative state’” of the Estado Novo period in Portugal from 1933 to 1974. In attempting to provide an alternative to the dichotomy of capitalism and Marxism in the interwar period, Portugal represented its social, economic, and political interest-holders in…

Cred: Michael Schwartz.

Of the under-thirty-somethings vaunted in the Fox News universe, Charlie Kirk remains one of the most prominent. A staple of the pro-Trump youth wing, Kirk’s place as an up-and-comer is cemented, and it would not be surprising if he were to ever seek higher office. …

President Roosevelt, a reforming Republican.

It becomes increasingly difficult to compete with socialism as a Republican. The popular refrains to counter broad-scale proposals in the vein of universal healthcare or universal basic income are the tired Reagan-era staples of “capitalism” and “free markets.”

To my older fellow Republicans: our branding desperately needs a fresh coat…

Curtis H. Stratton

Historian, author, and commentator. @Curtis_Stratton.

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